Matthew Murtagh-Wu 鄔世敏


I'm Matt and I was born and raised right here in Vancouver. I can't remember much of my childhood to be honest, except for the food I ate and who I ate it with.

Instilled in me is an impulsion to hold my identity close, honour traditions established, respectfully elaborate on it, then share it.

Food can separate or it can equalize. My exploration of food is to pursue the latter in earnest. Through my search I have come to discover, or rediscover, something that was there all along - The Dumpling.

My food is a byproduct of the cherished relationships I guard with my producers of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

I approach you Vancouver, the eater, as a simple dumpling peddler with no airs. If you want them I will come.

Vancouver born, Chinatown bred - Dumpling King out.

Hungry? Call on the King to get some here.