Wun Tun Noodle Soup, Southern Style


Ok bless yourself and your soul.
This is the inaugural post of a new section to my website. I want to add value for you guys on top of making bomb dumplings and offering news/articles. 

What You're Going to Need:

Grocery List (for 2 peeps):

- Grandma Style Wun Tun (3-4 per person but it's up to you, bb)

- 2 handfuls of leafy green vegetables (I used yao choy【油菜】but gai lan or bok choy is all good)

- handful of hydrated shiitake mushrooms (can soak them morning of or the day before in cold water)

- lotus root, sliced thin

- a thumb of ginger, peeled and sliced thin

- 2-3 Cantonese egg noodle nests (or whatever type of noodle you want, it's your life)

- 1 carton of stock (I used vegetable)

The Line Up

- 1 Sauce Pan for stock

- 1 more sauce pan (or wok) filled with salted boiling water (to cook your noodles, wun tun, blanch your vegetables)

Get Into It:

1. Get your pot of stock started with shiitake, ginger, and lotus root first (You want those flavours from the shiitake and ginger to steep into the broth as long as possible). Warm it up on a medium heat (covered) and put it on the back burner.

2. Get another pot of hot water on the go and salt it. When it starts to gently rumble into a boil, add your vegetables, blanch for 30 seconds. Pick them out of the water and immediately plunge into cold water to stop the cooking process. Reserve these for later.

*Why blanch?* Because when you blanch leafy green vegetables (cook something for a brief period of time in hot salted water) and then immediately plunge them into cold water it retains the beautiful green colour and preserves the crispness and flavour. So you should do it.


3. boil noodles (use the same water you blanched the vegetables in), but don't overcook them. Chewy egg noodles are the bomb and adored by southern chinese people, no soppy mushy bullsh*t noodles ok. don't worry, when you add them to the stock it will cook them further (as well as warm them up). after that pull them out and toss them in a tiny bit of sesame (or neutral flavoured oil like grapeseed) so they don't stick while you prepare the wun tuns.

It's not a dirty wok, mmmk. It's seasoned. battle tested.

It's not a dirty wok, mmmk. It's seasoned. battle tested.

4. Cook wun tun (make a vortex in the water with your ladel and then add them - this prevents any potential sticking). They should be done in 15 min.

Freshly folded, hunni.

Freshly folded, hunni.

5. Once wun tun are done, add the blanched greens into your hot stock to warm them up, put it in serving bowl, then the noodles, then dumplings, then pour the stock over. Then you're done. #RunonSentences

6. Bless everyone and yourself in the room, ignore everyone around you, turn on Netflix and bury your face into it.


Hungry? Stoked? Both?